PalpSim Face and Content Validation

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PalpSim a virtual training tool for training femoral palpation and needle insertion, the opening steps of many interventional radiology procedures.

PalpSim - Virtual Simulation of Femoral Palpation and needle insertion

A face and content validation study was conducted in which 7 experts with five or more years experience as a consultant in the field of interventional radiology were asked to test the simulation system and provide objective feedback in a 29 point questionnaire. These questions were devised to gauge the practitioners’ expertise in the field and to obtain objective feedback about the simulations face and content validity in reproducing the key points identified during a comprehensive task analysis of the interventional radiology procedure [1].

Derek Gould Uses PalpSim

Interventional Radiologist Derek Gould Testing PalpSim.


A full length view on the simulator during validation testing. Control computer on right with trainers monitor to watch progress of trainee.

[1] W. Johnson, S. Woolnough, H. Hunt, C. Gould, D. England, A. Crawshaw, M. &  Lewandowski, “Simulator Training in Interventional Radiology: The Role of Task Analysis.,” APA Annual Conference, Boston, US, 2008.