Published Papers – (last update 2011)

Journal Publications

Timothy R. Coles, Derek A. Gould, Nigel W. John, and Darwin G. Caldwell. “Integrating Haptics with Augmented Reality in a Femoral Palpation and Needle Insertion Training Simulation”. Haptics, IEEE Transactions on, vol.4, no.3, pp.199-209, May-June 2011. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry] doi: 10.1109/TOH.2011.32

Timothy R. Coles, Dwight Meglan, Nigel W. John, “The Role of Haptics in Medical Training Simulators: A Survey of the State-of-the-art,” IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 19 Apr. 2010. IEEE computer Society Digital Library. IEEE Computer Society,

Peer Reviewed Publications

Timothy R Coles, Derek A Gould, Nigel W John and Darwin G Caldwell, “Virtual Femoral Palpation Simulation for Interventional Radiology Training” Work in Progress Paper, EG UK Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics (2010), J. Collomosse, I. Grimstead (Editors), Eurographics Association, University of Sheffield, September 2010, pp.123-126.

Timothy R Coles, Nigel W John, “The Case for Augmented Reality when Training in a Virtual Medical Environment” Workshop of Medical Virtual Environments at IEEEVR2010.

F. Bello, T.R. Coles, D.A. Gould, C.J. Hughes, N.W. John, F.P. Vidal, S. Watt, “The Need to Touch Medical Virtual Environments?” Workshop of Medical Virtual Environments at IEEEVR2010.

Timothy R Coles, Nigel W John, “The Effectiveness of Commercial Haptic Devices for Use in Virtual Needle Insertion Training Simulations,” Advances in Computer-Human Interaction, 2010, Third International Conference on, 2010.

Timothy R Coles, Nigel W John, Derek A Gould, and Darwin G Caldwell, “Haptic Palpation for the Femoral Pulse in Virtual Interventional Radiology,” Advances in Computer-Human Interaction, 2009 Second International Conference on, pp. 193-198, 2009.  .pdf

Poster Publications

Timothy R Coles, G. Sofia, Nigel W John, Derek A Gould, Darwin G Caldwell, “Modification of Commercial Force Feedback Hardware for Needle Insertion Simulation”, Stud Health Technol Inform, 2011. (MMVR18), February 2011. To Appear.

Selected Presentations

9th Annual Australian e-Health Research Centre Colloquium – 2013. Surgical Simulation introduced by Cedric Dumas. Bronchoscopy Simulation – Tim Coles – PDF